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Speed test

Level 3

Your site always gives highest speed typically double to any other speed test server. BTW I am on 100mbps plan. 

So my question is if I use other servers for speed test. Do each server has a limit to what speed it can test up to? Can you recomend other servers for speed comaprision that can test 100mbps speeds?



Good day @tps1212,


Aside from our own speed test site, we normally use and to check internet speeds.


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Level 1

When I use either WIFI or DIrect connect to the TPG Speed site it shows almost 40Mbps. If I then use the Oz one it only shows 4Mbps. So why the difference. It is not the direct connection but the access from the TPG core to the rest of the world that means it is no better than having ADSL rather than NBN


Hi @Zadraj,


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We don't have any control on what server will the speed test app or website will use.


We are more concern with your experience as the numbers are nothing if the actual service is running slow. Is there any issues with your service that you want to raise?


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