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Speedtest disagrees with other tests wrt Superfast

Level 2

After upgrading to SuperFast from 50/20, still measured a max of 50Mbps.


Called TPG helpdesk who referred me to back to and I still got 50Mbps download result during the troubleshooting call, with a retest after each troubleshooting step. None of the steps changed the result.


The dial only shows 100Mbps maximum, which made me a bit suspicious. So measured some large downloads and they were in fact superfast! Then went looking for other speed tests and they all reported the superfast speeds, often exceeding 200. (Ookla & Telstra) still show the 50 download and 100 max on dial. All other sites are reporting just over 200. 


Is it me or



Hi @phillwv,


Speedtest offers a network of over 10,000 hosted servers around the globe so that you always have testing options. At the start of a test, Speedtest automatically chooses a nearby server with a fast ping result to measure the maximum potential of your internet connection.


You can always change the testing server to a different one than the default selection and we encourage testing to different servers to compare results.


Should you require further assistance, you may reach out to us again or you may check out our self-help options located here:


Level 14

Hi @phillwv . The speed test on TPG's support page should be the closest network-wise. Some testers can be set to use a single session, or multiple sessions to overlap processing. Some allow you to force a particular server.

You can use Windows Task Manager, Networking tab to see the number of bytes received per sec by Windows (during transfer); multiply by 8 to get bits per sec. Similarly for upload test, number of bytes sent per sec.


Level 2

Hi Aphra_G and david64, and thanks for your assistance. 


However, using Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Edge, the behaviour is the same on Swapping servers produces basically the same results - Vodaphone the best. That is, download of approx 50Mbps. Three of those browsers had never been used for testing, so assume settings/cookies weren't involved.


Meanwhile, same browsers, same PC, same network (local Gigabit Ethernet with Sophos firewall cabled direct to NBN fiber), other speed tests give typically 220Mbps download speed. Windows 10 task manager confirms the browser-reported speeds. That is, 50Mbps on speedtestnet, others 200 plus. 


Btw, many other test sites displaying the Ookla type speed dial reported 50Mbps (assume they are 're-badging' Ookla) while the barebones generic test sites reported 200+   FYI - See attached screenshots. 


What irks is that during the helpdesk session I was reporting the results back to the TPG agent and we were both relying on what must have been erroneous numbers. Can't quite get my head around this and surprised noone else has run into this gotcha. 




Level 2

Noticed I'd gone direct to, and not via the TPG support page link.


 Wondering how many TPG helpdesk calls result from others getting similar reported speeds when in fact they're ok. 


See attached ~