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Static IP address on NBN home account?

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The argument that we are running out of public ipv4 doesn't make sense to me.
Consider %99 of nbn users are always on and therefore issued an ipv4 public address.
Therefore having dynamically allocated ipv4 addresses does not allow them to make better use of the limited number they have been allocated assuming 99% of everyone who has nbn with tpg have there modem on and powered and therefore have a public ipv4 address.
Please correct me if I am wrong.
I am curious if any NBN customers are NAT'ed. I know I am not.
Level 1b
I just got some snail mail of an isp that is offering static ip. Will post thier name once I get home. Might have to swap over as dynamic ip is problematic for me
Level 2

Really! I have to pay extra for a buisiness plan for static ip that I already had for 10 plus years. Very poor form TPG. Already regretting sticking with TPG on the NBN!