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Static IP address on NBN home account?

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Hi @Billious, thanks for getting back to us. We have arranged a technical specialist to contact you before 6:30pm Victoria time today to address this download speed issue.


Should you have a preferred contact number and time, please send it via PM.


Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.

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Thanks for the response and the phone call. It turns out that the problem was mine - I was using 2.4GHz WiFi, which wasn't able to handle the full speed of the connection. Duh! Once I tried a hardwired computer, the speed was fine.

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@Stewart9643 wrote:

You're not entitled to have a Static IP because it was on your last service.


I disagree with this last comment. The NBN changeover should be service for service because we are being forced to change. If you had static before you should have it now, preferably with the same address, at the same price or less.

Yes I agree. "If you had static before you should have it now"

Plus as mentioned previously, I too am having lockouts from my Gmail accounts when my IP changes.

They keep saying that someone else is using my passwords trying to log into my other email accounts as the IP addresses keep changing.

I shall now be looking for an alternative provider that can give me a static IP. 

.... and no, I can't afford to pay extra for a business account so please, don't even suggest it. I'm a pensioner. 

I've been forced into this change under threat that ADSL is about to be disconnected.

I can't believe this nonsense about not having enough IP addresses to go around.

If I had one with my ADSL2+ account for the last 12 years, I think it should've been transferred to my nbn. My nbn already is $10 dearer than my old account. A static IP should come standard.

The most frustrating thing was, I'm not as tech savvy as some, and it took me a while to figure out why I was getting locked out.... I really didn't need that!

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I just went from ADSL to NBN, stupid me signed a contract not realising the Static IP that I had for years AND USED!!!!! was no longer going to be offered.


Once the contract is finished, if TPG still don't offer it, I'll be switching to someone who is interested in their customer's needs.


@abscott You can have your plan changed to those listed in I can arrange for someone to contact you directly to discuss this further, just PM us your contact details and time availability.


Kind regards,

Joseph D

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Woot.... No Staic IP on TPG NBN


I cant beleave TPG want me to pay more for less!!!!

NBN10 plan is currently SLOWER then my current ADSL. At the same price.

I loose my Static IP. unless i pay MORE for a buisness plan i dont need.


I have just recieved a letter that my ADSL wil be no longer.

Time to make some calls... first to... exetel

For the same price as my current TPG ADSL i get the NBN50 plan exetel.


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It's almost 2 years since the original post asking why customers had had their static IP addresses removed with the enforced change to NBN from ADSL2+.


I have only recently had the NBN rolled out in my area and was surprised that my IP was dynamic. I kept thinking I must call TPG and get them to fix that but kept forgetting and only remembered tonight which is what brought me to the forum.


Imagine my shock to find the dynamic IP is not a mistake. but is TPG policy. This is awful. I think you need to listen to the customers and re-think this decision. And stop this money-grabbing talk of "you can join a business plan". You've also lessened the features available on the useless echoing home phone line by splitting coverage of calls to mobile OR calls to international unless we pay $20 to get both.  


Please bring back the static IP for residential customers. Many of us have been loyal to you for years, recommended you to friends and family for years, thereby allowing you to become one of the most successful ISPs in Australia. What about repaying some of that loyalty and giving us back what we had for the last 18 years?


Hi @Michellette


We welcome all feedback as hearing from our customers is the best way we can improve our business.


Currently, the Static IP address is available on our TPG NBN Business plan.


Any updates with our NBN plans will be posted on our website.




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Solution is to create an account here:

Use the app for Windows/Mac/Linux which will automatically update your IP as it changes, then use your new host name instead of the IP for your CCTV or web server.

You dont even need to use the DDNS in the modem, it works with the application provided.



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Has TPG added the ability for Static IP's to be added to residential NBN yet? Or are they still stubornly claiming that it is a service only business customers need and therefore we should pay extra for a bundle with a bunch of crap we'll never use?