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Suddenly experiencing unusable downstream rate (0.2 mbps)

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Hi TPG forum,

I called TPG on Tuesday morning and was given a ticket (8107174) but not sure what this is for and if i'm waiting for a call or whats next - the person i spoke to initially tried troubleshooting with me but could not fix it and mentioned requiring an engineer, but thought they said someone would call me.


I know we are some distance from the exchange and while we have never had exceptional speeds we could survive on the 3-5mbps we were receiving (boy do i envy those complaining about 6mbps being slow lol). On Monday this dropped significantly. Speed tests returning a meagre 0.05-0.2 mbps downstream and somehow upstream being higher at 0.8-1 (not that this is a core focus for me).  Obviously these download speeds make the service unusable, a lot of the time its so slow the speed tests struggle to load.


Anyone know what the next step is after getting a ticket and expected wait times? having usable internet is pretty important for work (while in my heart its the most important for gaming lol) and given this occured suddenly i'm wondering what might have caused it given such a significant drop. If there were any tips i could try to fix it while i wait i'd be very greatful - have reset modem and been checking stats while logged into router, even with nothing connected downstram rate is shockingly low (currently 230KBps). i dont own a home phone and never have, but have previously checked the line with a borrowed phone (years ago)


Hi @odonoghue,


Welcome to TPG Community.


The Optimal ADSL2+ speeds require compatible ADSL2+ modem and filters. In addition, the actual speeds will vary due to many factors including distance from the local telephone exchange, the quality of the customer's copper phone line, cabling and equipment.


Your case has been escalated to the Engineering Team who are now working on sending a technician to further investigate what is causing the issue.


We will make a follow up and have the case engineer contact you to discuss the technician visit schedule.


Hi @odonoghue,


We have sent a technician yesterday to repair the lines outside and we are glad to know that the service is now properly working.


Should you require any assistance, feel free to drop us a message. Cheers!

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Hi TPG team,

thank you for promptly handling my case post-my forum message. Was great to get both the TPG and Telstra technician to sort out the problem on Monday. Speeds are back to around 3mbps and hope this will pick up when theres less congestion but definitely have made a HUGE improvement to what it was



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Hi Odonoghue,

Great to hear things are working for you again.

I'm pretty much in the EXACT same scenario as you (I envy 4mbps!). Got an SMS saying a Field Technician will be booked. Did you find out what happened with your line? You had 2 technicians called out?



Hi @Fuman42,


We've replied to your post with the schedule of a TPG Technician visit. Please refer to your original post.


Kind regards,

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i believe with NBN it is possible to determine maximum speed rates for the line. Is this possible with ADSL? As above, before the issue i was able to achieve speeds above 3mbps (max of 5-6mbps), since the technicians came our speed has improved from the low of .1-.2 mbps but seems to never get above 3.1mbps (2.8mbps seeming to be the average). While this allows for most web services, there are still some things that become a challenge. Are there any ways i can further maximise my downstream rate? or checks i can (or you can see) to view a maximum speed for my line?






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Thank you for your response, and can see how those might help when there are slow WiFi speeds, however I’m referring to the attainable downstream rate my router is receiving
We used to get 3-5mbps
Had an issue, speed dropped to .2mbps
The pit which was attended to by Telstra and speeds were “restored” and now it seems the fastest speed received is about 2.8mbps
Don’t get me wrong, it’s much better than 0.2mbps
But for years we were able to get 3-5mbps which doesn’t seem to be happening now
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Speeds have still not reached the 'lofty' heights they used to (..lofty being more than 3mbps..).

Can you comment if any thing has changed at the Bayswater (VIC) exchange/area over the last 6 months?

I know we are some distance from the exchange however given we used to regularly get 5mbps (for years) and are barely on half that now I have to assume something has changed on your end and am forced to look at other internet options (other providers/mobile broadband)