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Swapping NBN router from Huawei HG659 to TP-Link VR1600v ?

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Hey TPG folk!


I've been on HFC NBN at my current house since as soon as I could get it, 5 years or so I think. By and large the NBN has been a huge improvement over ADSL, however the provided Huawei router just really isn't up to snuff.


I used to have to reboot it regularly as it would get stuck and we'd lose internet access entirely. Especially when all my kids were at home remote learning.


I largely solved this problem by getting a mesh wifi system and have stopped using the Huawei for WiFi, but just as the interface to the NBN and some ethernet access.

However of late in video calls with work I've noticed more and more that I will get patches of terrible speed which makes me become unwatable to others, or not be able to be heard, and this is becoming a real issue.


I'm pretty sure it's not due to my WiFi, as I check straight after these events and I have excellent speed. It seems like there are just periods of huge latency for a while.


I was thinking of buying a new router to replace the Huawei, to rule out that as a bad cog in the wheel, however I've read that I would lose VOIP if I did that.


I also read that TPG supplies the TP-Link router as well, and it may be better than the Huawei. 


Is there a way I can swap out my current router for that one?






Hi @simonoconnor


Welcome to the Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and can confirm that using a third party modem/router the bundled VoIP will not work.


We've sent you a private message and will wait for your response.



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Hi @simonoconnor . Notwithstanding what you decide regarding the Huawei and TP-Link, you might be able to test your connection using your mesh base station connected directly to the NBN box. The mesh device must support VLAN ID setting. The voip phone would not work at this time.