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TPG Email not Working

Level 2

I had migrated my email to The Messaging Company as requested. Working fine for a while. Now my incoming email has stopped working since 23rd November 2023 and it seems TPG do not know the answer and are unable to assist in a timely manner. 

Level 3

Same problem here. It has been identified by several users in the past week, with no clear answer provided.


Makes no sense that you can log on to your TPG account, but that the email address is giving timeouts / 504 errors / invalid username or password, etc.


Asking the users for screenshots, etc is pointless. Prolem lies in the eway that the user account is currently linked to the email account. feels as if TPG is running a script every few hours to reset account lockouts to free up emails as that is my experience for the past 10 days.


Hi @allenje and @Ozmica


We are currently experiencing issues with our Email host server.

An outage has been posted here:


Once marked as resolved, please check your Email services and let us know how it goes.