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TPG Home WIreless Broadband return reminder

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Dear whom it may concern,

So about a week ago, I have returned my modem via Post office with the prepared label attached to a post office bag. I think it was done successfully as I have received a confirmation email from the POST office saying that the parcel has been successfully returned to TPG. I have never heard anything about the modem from TPG, but since I have returned the modem, I have received two reminder emails from TPG saying that I have to return the modem (was mentioned to ignore the email if I have returned my modem recently). First email I was ok to ignore because it was only after a few days after my return, but because I have received a second reminder saying I have to return by like 18th of June to aviod the nonreturning fee, I am concerned whether the modem actually has been returned successfully. Can you help with this matter and confirm whether the return was completed?

Community Manager

I've sent you a private message, @Sjkim.