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TPG NBN FTTN Home line been up and down for weeks - no resolve yet

Level 3

My TPG service been like a yoyo for the last few weeks, without resolve from TPG, they keep closing my app calls.

Internet via NBN was flakey - thought it was water in the pit like a year ago, NBN tech came out and sure enough water was in the pit, he tested and said it all passed.

Next day and nearly every day - line goes down for a few hours - seems OK over night, mostlikely down at 3pm every day.

Lights on router try to sync for at least 15mins to 3hrs

Router logs filled with DSL link down but more DSL link up and flooded with " Every IP in the domain has been tried but we didn't find one"


Can someone from TPG contact me - my calls keep on getting closed saying link is up.... someone from tech support will call you in 24 / 48 hrs .................nobody ever does





Logs on router show


Hi @ant01jan2


We'd like to look into the account and review the case for better understanding of the situation.


Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.



Level 3

OK i sent you a PM