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TPG NBN installation is a nightmare

Level 2

My NBN installation was not working at all. I spent entire weekend (over 10 phone calls) to ask customer service to fix the problem. I received lie followed by lies. 




Great news, I can see that the service is up for more than 2 hours now. Can you please check on your end?


As I understand, your NBN service was supposed to work last Saturday, June 1, unfortunately it did not work and our technical team had to raise this matter with NBN Co directly.


The modem was configured manually to ensure all the settings are correct.

NBN scheduled an onsite tech dispatch for tomorrow in between 1PM to 5PM.


I am happy that we are able to detect the connection right now and my apologies if we were not able to resolve it for the last 2 days. It is not yet clear on the cause or resolution of the issue.


Our technical team will contact you directly to provide further information.


Kind regards,

Joseph D