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TPG Sign-up router and performance from QLD/Gold Coast.

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Hello Smiley Embarassed

I have been traumatised by Vodafone's joke of a network and am scared of ever trying a TPG brand again, I am hoping and guessing they still self manage their network with their own BNG's, routers, peering etc but with TPG transit and have yet to migrate all of it. International speed and latency was woeful, but the most frustrating thing I found was domestic performance. I'm on the Gold Coast and latency was excesive to Sydney. I get 19-22ms consistent latency to anything in Sydney (~4ms of which is my FTTN), via Vodafone nbn it was typically around 32-36ms but was as high as 50-100ms.

Anyways, TPG nbn is a consideration for me as it's fairly affordable and I almost want to join purely as it seems I can get a TP-Link VX420-G2v for $100.

So my questions:

1) Is there anyone in Gold Coast/QLD who can confirm consistent and normal latency from BNE to SYD?
2) Does TPG give out the TP-Link VX420-G2v's to all new customers when you spend $100? Is it guaranteed to get this model?

Thank you!


Hi @Jaymate


Welcome to the Community!


Thank you for considering our service.

As of the moment, we can't guarantee that customers will get the TP-Link VX420-G2v as it depends on the availability of the device.


In order to check the available NBN technology and estimated connection speed in your location. We'd like to arrange a call from our NBN Sales team.


Please send me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted.