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TPG emails stopped downloading on Outlook for Mac, iPhone and iPad

Level 2

I cannot download any emails from my TPG email account on my Macbook (Microsoft Outlook 365 for Mac), on on my iPhone 8 or my iPad.  

I can however access my email using TPG Post Office.  

The message I get on my Macbook Outlook as follows:

The server for acount "xxxx" returned the error "failed":  Could not connect to server."  Your username/password or security settings may be inccorect.  Would you like to try entering your password again?"

I have re-entered my password several times on all devices and still not working.

I have been using the same TPG email address for many years.  I don't know why it has stopped working today and how to fix it. 

Help would be appreciated.  

Level 3
Level 3

Hi JenDee,


I have the exact same problem. This comes up every now and then and to resolve it, I set a new password and it fixes it for a while. I tried setting a new password today however that didnt fix it. Ive seen other people have the exact same issue so it seems to be affecting a few users, if not all.