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Hi, I am trying to work from home but my NBN50 internet is not fast enough. I have run speed tests on multiple occassions and returned results of 1.5-18 Down and 0.8-2.0 Up speeds (supposed to be 50/20). I have also tried emailing TPG about this every day for a week and I am yet to receive a response. So, I have 3 questions:

1. what technical support is TPG offering to fix this issue?

2. if I were to upgrade to NBN100, would this be improved?

3. if no to 2., I am in an 18 month contract, I would like to cancel based on the fact I am not being delivered the service I signed up for, how do I do this?


Hi @baker2481 


Thanks for your enquiry!


I have checked your status on our NBN portal and it looks like your modem is trained up at the correct speeds.

I would suggest troubleshooting any issues before looking at speed upgrades.


Please try the steps on this link.




Level 1a

Hi David,


thank you for addressing one of my questions. Unforttunately, the speed is still not up to standard and I would like to cancel my service.


Could you please provide a response to Question 3 from my original post?