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Throttling on NBN50 Unlimited Plan or a Faulty Router, Again

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Hi, it's the 3rd or 4th time I'd have to raise this problem again, when it's getting hot the modem cannot bear high speed data transfer, eg. gaming while streaming, resulting frequent drop outs.


Even worse, here's what I get from router setup interface


Upstream Downstream

Current Rate (kbps)2260029496
Max Rate (kbps)2666448264
SNR Margin (dB)14.822.4
Line Attenuation (dB)26.712.9
Errors (pkts)00


the downstream rate is only half of what I should get, it's been like this for a week or so.


Here's some of the (same) issues reported earlier:




Hi @daini ,


We're sad to know that you're having issue with the speed of your service again. We ran an inital test to the service it shows minimal dropouts and a possible fault that causing slow connection speed on the line. The modem/router unable to get the maximum speed on the line due to a possible fault.


We'd like to arrange one of our Technicians to contact you for real-time testing and investigation. Please confirm your best contacet number and preferred time today.



Level 3

Hi @Shane 

I was told through message that the case is CLOSED, however the problem is still there, here's the actual sync that I get:


Upstream Downstream
Current Rate (kbps) 19559 16824
Max Rate (kbps) 26832 77460
SNR Margin (dB) 18.2 43.9
Line Attenuation (dB) 22.3 12.6
Errors (pkts) 0 0


the current downstream rate is even worse than that of 2 months ago. How is this labelled "Solved"?