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Unable to connect to internet for 5 days

Level 2

My NBN box has been continually trying to connect to the internet (it clicks every 30 secs or so), but never manages to do so. I called TPG (21/12) who did some checks, but said a tech would have to check the wiring outside, but I have heard nothing since.

As all my family live overseas, I missed speaking to them over Christmas (no landline, rely on Skype). I wish TPG would improve their communication as I am completely in the dark and gettjng close to a week without connection. 

I have tried the on/off, not sure what else to or what the actual issue  is.


Hi @4583139,


We're keen on getting this sorted. Have you perhaps tried a reset? 


Send us a private message and we'll go from there.



Level 3
Similar thing happened with me. It has been 3 days with no internet, lodged fault plus hours of (just) listening a 24×7 techical support auto answering machine. 100% agree, they need to improve their communication! I was thinking of getting a refund from December's bill. Pretty sure after this message I will get an auto reply from technical support asking my case to understand more.