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Why is my internet down again

Level 2
I'm getting very annoyed with TPG as I have been a customer for many years and my NBN Internet Broadband is down far too often including right now.
Level 7

It may not be TPG to blame. Could be any part of the delivery structure.
Are you on FTTP? If so, is the optical light on your NTD flashing green?

Apologies! Have now seen your screenshot. You are on FTTN.
The weakest link on FTTN is the copper 'last mile', where the joints are typically dodgy
But your screenshot shows phone OK and if phone is OK and is delivered down the FTTN that suggests a possible modem problem. Does a modem reboot work?


Help is here, @Stormin7 


We are keen on getting you back online ASAP.


Just send us a private message with your account details.



Level 2
No, modem reboots fail to resolve the issue. So far this month of December my internet has been down 7 days but they will still charge me.