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As I was moving to a new house, I lodged a request over the phone for services to be transferred to the new address and also requested for an ugrade from NBN12 to NBN50. I requested the connection to be made on the 20th December 2021 and also paid an NBN New Development charge of $300. However, the new modem came on the 21st December 2021. This was acceptable due to delays from postal services. I connected the modem to the nbn box exactly as instructed in the manual. I waited for more than two hours for internet to get active. However, the internet and DSL lights did not turn on (i.e. no internet). I called TPG and they kept tansferring me from one department to the next. This happened five to six times. I called them the next day and one of them replied that no such request was lodged and service at my previous residence was still active. I left the previous residence on the 19th of December 2021. I could not work from home from 20th December 2021 and I was told that TPG was still billing me. As of today, i.e. 24th December 2021, I still have not heard from TPG representative. This is a new low for TPG as I have been with them since 2017.


Hi @mdsharearkabir


Thanks for raising this with us.


We'll raise this to our Relocation team to confirm the order and provide updates once available.


Please send me a PM with your preferred time and best number to be contacted by a case manager tomorrow.