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Unable to log in to League of Legends (game)

Level 15

@Jordan26 . That is the correct command for tracert. Similar for ping.

Use    /?    after each command to see options.

Tracert shows the routers you pass through to reach the target.

Line 7 onwards is just timeouts. The device in line 6 might have bad routing for the next hop. Or, maybe line 3 or 4 or 5.

It's possible that ip address you're testing is out of date. Could a friend on another ISP find out what address they're using?

Level 2

Hi another TPG NBN user in NSW with the exact same issue started from 12pm~1pm.

Lost a ranked game because of this, very sad.
Concord West area

Level 2

Also can't connect/log in to League of Legends with TPG from QLD.

Level 3

Just as an FYI - still not resolved and I can now confirm all TPG users are encountering the same problem. 


Hopefully TPG can get on this ASAP. Please notify TPG of issue so they take action.

Level 2
Same here.
Level 2

Same. My issue started around the same time. My last game played without any issues ended around 12:00pm. Riot client is logged in without any issue, but loading the League of Legends client is just leaving me with a blank window and I'm an "unknown player". Dunno what you guys did at around12pm today to your servers/ports etc... but put it back Smiley Mad

Level 2

Currently having the same issue, still not fixed. 

Level 2

able to log in now! issue looks like it is fixed. 


Good day everyone!

Can you please check if all log-in issues on League of Legends are fixed now?





Level 2

Thanks for checking Shane. My issue has been resolved with no issues today *at all*.