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Unannounced changes to Post Office


Changes have been made to Post Office first noticed Friday morning.
In the past, Windows PC, Android phone and tablet worked identically.

On Windows PC (IE and Chrome), change is minimal. When logoff from Post Office, a new style login screen is shown:
You can login from here with username and password to normal Post Office screen layout.


Android phone and tablet with Chrome. goes to home page with drop-down menu to select Post Office goes to normal Post Office login screen with tab for My Account. Login goes to normal layout of Post Office.
Logoff from Post Office goes to new format login screen ( which needs email address and password.
Login from here goes to
which has the new style layout. This is cumbersome and inferior to the old style layout:
- only the mail items from the Inbox are displayed,
- there is no date or time,
- you cannot see if there are any items in Spam folder unless it is selected,
- cannot easily get to the end of the Inbox (it may have several hundred mail items),
- no access to Junk Settings and Address Filtering.
Logoff from the new layout returns to a blank screen; have to reload the URL to get new login screen which requires email address.
To work properly, I have to close that browser tab and open a new tab to reach the old style login screen.


I cleared the browser cache and cookies on phone but made no difference.


Hi @david64 


We'd like to confirm this changes.


Please send us a private message with the screenshot of the new page you are getting.