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Unstable and inconsistent internet connection

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Hello, hope I can get some help with this.

Context: HFC, ArrisCM200, AX1500, in a 100m2 area. NBN25, a total of 4 devices (phones and computers) that are not all used together at the same time. 


Each time after resetting, the internet will work well across all devices for a period of time (up to 24 hours or so) before it no longer provides internet access to all devices across the 100m2 area. 


Both the NBN connection box and the router/modem show all green, and have not shown any signs of interference/flickering/etc.


I have tried calling tech support, and the response was to purchase an extender. However, given that there is evidence of the internet connecting to all devices across all 100m2 without issue at each reset, I do not think it's an issue with distance/coverage over area.


Hi @Tracyleung325 . When problem occurs, does the Internet light on the router stay on?

What model is the router?

Is the computer ethernet or wifi? If ethernet, is it ever affected?

When the problem occurs, do the wifi devices lose their wifi signal to the router, or they stay connected?

Does the signal strength decrease?

When the problem occurs, what happens if you move the wifi devices closer to the router? Do they reconnect to the router? Does the internet become available?

Do the wifi devices show any other networks around about?

If your computer is a laptop, you can use it to check the wifi around your house.

Use this command:       netsh wlan show all

Do it straight after reset to get baseline value. Then again when problem occurs. It's a bit more accurate than what the phone can show.


Hi @Tracyleung325, we'll await your response from @david64's queries and we'll go from there. 



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Hi @david64 - thanks for getting back.

Answers to the questions:
- Router internet light stays on when problem occurs - internet is still available to some devices, even at the same distance away from the router, and troubleshooters advise to reset the router due to no internet signal, though it is evident otherwise.
- Modem/Router is the TPG supplied TP-Link VX220-G2v.
- Computer is wifi connected.
- Both, without notable observations as to cause - sometimes connection will flicker and drop out entirely (eg start with the "Connected to WiFi without Internet" error, then disconnect), or stay in the "connected without internet" stage, unless very close to the modem. Can occur less than 4m away from router without obstructions.
- As per previous, yes, signal strength decreases to very low/non-functional to none.
- Problem improves with increased proximity to router (ie wifi devices will connect/go back online). However, as previous, even as little as 4m in a straight unobstructed line from the router can cause connection to drop out.
- Yes, the wifi devices show several other networks about (4 or more).

Might be a silly question, but where do I enter the command in my laptop? Is this the backend?

Hope that gives a little more insight.

@Tracyleung325 . In Windows, open a command window, then enter the command.

The command only shows networks the computer hardware can detect. Does the laptop connect on 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz?

I have to digest the rest of your info.


@Tracyleung325 . Has this always been a problem, or did it start with the VX220?

What was your previous router? Still have it?

When the signal strength drops, does it seem to be one or the other wifi bands or both?

The fact the signal strength drops indicates a faulty router.

Any other networks are much more than 4 m away and should be weaker compared to VX220.

Those devices might behave unpredictably when they lose wifi signal.


Things to try:

Can you connect your devices to just one band and disable the other one. Router might run a bit cooler.

On the phones, check the wifi connection speed when it's all working and compare when problem occurs. (Settings, Wifi, tap the connection name. The wifi speed will be shown. Speed should decrease with decreasing signal strength.)

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I'm afraid this is my first router, and never tried nbn connection before previously, so it's all very new to me. 


Actually, on the subject of wifi bands - while the router indicates that both 2.5 and 5Ghz are running fine (and continue to do so even when signal drops from a device), are there supposed to be 2 separate bands that are registered on our devices?


I'll need to double check your suggestions with checking computer and phone connection speeds, but only one wifi band option is picking up - I haven't seen two suggested bands across any device (ie, a regular 2.5Ghz and a noted 5Ghz one). I assumed that maybe that was how it worked for this kind of connection. Should there be two bands picking up across all devices?


I'll get back about the speeds!



@Tracyleung325 . If the 2 wifi bands have different names, the router is not using band steering.

Your devices might only be designed to detect the 2.4 band, so you'll never see any 5 band names. If that's the case, disable the 5GHz band.

The 2.4 band is slower but has longer range. The 5 band is faster but shorter range.

With increasing distance, signal strength decreases, along with wifi connection speed.

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Ah, I see - I may have misunderstood then!


The router is likely on band steering then. All our devices are able to detect the 5GHz band, as we have been able to do so previously (and are able to detect our neighbours 5GHz wifi).


Not sure what we're able to do now at this point then. I'll give the speed tests a try again, but from what I've tested before, it shows the expected results (signal strength and wifi speed decreasing with distance, some discrepancy between devices).

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Not sure if you have any further suggestions for me, but spent some time running speed tests yesterday night.

Command prompt testing on computer:
Signal actually showed to be lower when internet connection was better, and the network still detected with similar signal levels even when internet had dropped out.

Speed testing (on NBN 25):
Tested one laptop along with two mobile devices in the same location approximately 9m away from router, and test results were as below after reset:
Laptop - ping 9ms, download 11.4Mbps, upload 4.6Mbps
Phone 1 - ping 15ms, download 5.8Mbps, upload 3.4Mbps
Phone 2 - ping 14ms, download 8.6Mbps, upload 1.6Mbps. This one kept dropping out even after the router reset.

Seriously looking into changing internet providers at this time, as it has been ongoing with no apparent reason, and there has been little support from TPG themselves.