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Unusable Internet Speeds

Level 2

Over the past week I've had completely unusable wifi. Currently around a 0.7mbps download (see attached).


No issues in my area. No obstacles between router and device. Single laptop on the network, nothing else. Rebooted. 

Level 11

Hi @elliscg . Does your laptop have an ethernet connection to rule out wifi problems? 

Use Task Manager Networking tab to check there is no other network activity.

Do the speed test with the laptop next to router.


Hi @elliscg 


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and tested the line, but can't detect any fault. The modem also shows that it is getting a good connection speed from the NBN network.


The WiFi connection is prone to signal interference. To eliminate or narrow down the issue, please test the speed via Wired. We've also created an article that will help you troubleshoot a slow speed issue. Refer to this link.


There are articles that will help you improve your home WiFi network. Refer to these links:

Let us know how it goes.