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Update DNS reverse record

Level 2

we recently changed our public ip since we had to change to NBN, and now we are setting up one of our email servers and are in the testing phase, and getting the bellow error: 

Here are the tested values for this check:

  • IP: xx.xx.xx.x
  • HELO: mail.xx.xx
  • rDNS:


How can we change it to point it back to our mail server ? 

The same IP address is bwing used for multiple servers.

We previouse had a range of IP addressess, but as we have been told that with NBN that is not possible.

Also we not with TPG, we are with iiNET.

Please help.

Level 14

Hi gpapaiko. Does your NBN plan give you a dynamic or static ip address?

If dynamic, you can set up Dynamic DNS function in your router by registering with one of the organisations named in the router (dyndns or no-ip). The router manages the updating when ip address changes.

If static, your ip address must be registered somewhere. If you have changed from static to dynamic, this registration is no longer useful.

If you had a range of ip addresses, that doesn't sound like a residence. Are you a business/organisation? Maybe NBN is not the solution for you.

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I have a static IP address.

 yes i ahve a business but I run it from home, I used to have an iprange when i was on ADSL, but was advice I cant have that on NBN. I am Ok with that for the moment, as my proxy server is handeling all the redirects.


Just need the reverse DNS to be corected.

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Hi. I'm not familiar with this. I would have thought that when you updated the ip address of your web site with your DNS provider, that the reverse record would have been updated also. 

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Hi David64,


I thought that as well but that is not the case, it seems that the PTR record is controlled by TPG.

No, apparently this is something that TPG has to do, according to simiar posts


Looks like other had the same issue and the only way to get ti correct it via here, hoping that a TPG moderator pick this up.


There is no other way from what I have read. A few refer to a site tith ehe addess but that is not valid as I have tried that.


Thanks for your reply in the mean time..


Hi @gpapaiko


Though, TPG and iiNet are under one umbrella, we still operate independently of each other.


You may contact iiNet on their support page,


Thanks and stay safe