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Use multiple ethernet

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Hello everyone
I set the nbn connection with my router through D1 and put the router in lounge
But i have a wall port on my room
Is there any possible to connect the port with my tv through D2 or any of them

First picture i put the nbn connect with my lounge are connecting port

Second picture i put the router on lounge

On third picture i want to use as a etherent

Can i use it like the First picture for connecting bedroom ports with tv with a cable to D2 or any D port on nbn box

Because i put the first connection with D1 port?

Hi @Rakibul_Islam 


Only UNI-D1 is active on your NBN NTD. Another option would be move your router next to your NBN NTD and then you could make use of your data points around your house by connecting to your LAN ports on your modem/router.