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Using a third party router for NBN FTTP

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Does TPG allow customers to use a third party router ? I have a Netgear Nighthawk D7000 currently not being used but when i try to set it up as a new router I can't get it working. 

Just wondering if TPG lock down thier service to the supplied router ?

*Edit* When I connect the router to the NTD (white box) and type in the login in adress the router login dosn't load.


Hi @Hardy,


Try to follow the troubleshooting on this thread. Connect Asus RT-AC88U to Huawei HG659


Let me know how it will go.



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Hi @Shane


I have a look at the thread.


I was on another forum last night and I was told to press the reset button on the NTD to set up a new router. Just wondering what is lost in the reset ?


Does the NTD have a configuration like a router ? 


If I do reset it does it require a NBN tech to come out and reconfigure ?


Hi @Hardy,


It is okay to push the reset button of the NBN NTD box. You do not need to configure anything on it's end it is just like 'refreshing/turning on and off' the connection of the box.

You can visit this thread in case you will need additional reference NBN FTTP Setup - General Setup.



Let me know should you require further assistance. Smiley Happy


Hi @Hardy,


Apologies, I overlooked the link I have provided to you. You can use a 3rd party router as long as it is compatible with the NBN FTTP service or the router is NBN compatible.


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Im having similar issues with my new D7000, any help available? Thx


Hi @GavinLong


Welcome to TPG Community!


You may refer to the previous threads here in the community. Here are the samples that you may check in order for your Netgear D7000 to work.


Netgear D7000 Settings

Alternate router to use on HFC

Netgear D7000 for NBN FTTP


Kind regards,


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This one is a D7000 v1, not a v2, and im in a NBN FTTP connection. 


I used the Setup wizard and while it detected an internet connection, it would not accept my username and password. 


Any further assitance available, or do I need to go a buy a v2? 




Hi @GavinLong, are you getting any error message?


Have you checked if all settings are properly configured?


This guide may help you with the settings:

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Thank you for your reply, however does this setup apply to the v1 version or only the v2...?
I have the v1