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Very poor ADSL2+ speed

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NRB Level 1
Level 1
Hi there,

My ADSL2+ usually connects at around 16/1 Mbit. I was away for the last 4 days and upon my return I'm only achieving around 1/0.2 Mbit.

Nothing's changed on my end and there's no line noise on the phone. Hard reset of modem has not changed anything.

Here's one speedtest I ran:

Can a tech please look into it?

Hi @NRB,


I understand that one of our Tech team has been in touch, but failed to troubleshoot the issue since no one is at home. In case you are unable to contact our Tech team later, you can message us your preferred time and best number to be contacted so I can arrange one for you.



Level 2
Hi I am struggling with internet speed since 2 months now. Raised ticket with TGP helpdesk as well. Every time they ask to change the Channel and bandwidth . There is not proper solution. TGP should reimburse billing Amount. The BW is almost Zero. Today I got 100% packet loss on ping test.

Hi @Surfnet_1,


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