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Wasn't told or upgraded from NBN25 to the NBN50?

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Hi Guys,
Just find it interesting that no one told me able the shift away from NBN25 to NBN50, you guys haven't contacted me or upgraded my internet? why?
I did notice that my speed dropped very low the other day, did you guys just drop me to NBN12 and kept charging me at a higher rate? I feel like I've been gypped.

Could someone plase get back to me regarding this.


Good day @Davidna,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Thanks for your feedback about communicating new plans to customers, we’ll make sure this is passed on to our Management.


While we do not send out e-mails advising customers of the new plans, we regularly update our plans in the website and we suggest that you check it from time to time.


Though we do not change your NBN plans automatically, you have the option to change your NBN plan without fees.


I understand that you were able to process the NBN plan change online. Should you require any assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,