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Whan will I get refunded for the returned modem? Very bad user experience

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A few months ago I got the offer to try the Broadband internet instead of NBN.
Unfortunately, the information in the 
Critical Information Summary and here in the community was incomplete and misleading. On top of that the signal was too low (never over 25% and dropping out all the time. So I decided to cancel the trial and return the modem. For that I was promised to get a return bag. After 2 weeks I called the hotline again because I had not received the bag to return my modem. And usually all times are working days, at least what TPG promisses, however the time to return the modem are actual days NOT working days!!
So the period to return my modem was over even before I finally received the return bag. I talked to the hotline again and was assured not to worry. And the
Critical Information Summary says a late return fee 'may' be charged. Being a customer for about 10 years already I figured I would get some loyalty back from TPG. But I was wrong.
That is now over one month ago and I had to pay the fee and still did not receive and email or confirmation that I would get the fee refunded. You must have gotten the modem by now. PLease don't try to hide behind the slower than usual delivery of Australia Post or Startrack. If you are charging the fee strictly after 21 days, even for long term customers,  then you should provide the same 'service' and return the fee.
To sum it up: After 10 years of recently priced internet service, I got promised better speed than my NBN for $10 less than my old plan and even one month free. And I got a lot of trouble trying to fix the technical issues (that could have prevented if the Critical Information Summary would give clear facts) and a $192 fee. You managed to turn a loyal customer in looking into other providers.


Level 2

I have the same problem. I have confirmed with Startrack that the modem has been returned to the TPG office in North Ryde but I have not been refunded.


This is an absolute disgrace.


Hi @beyerstefan and @nickelh


We'd like to have a better understanding of the situation and raise this to the relevant team in order to assess the refund request.


Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.



Level 2

I would strongly encourage anyone who has been unable to obtain a refund from TPG for the "non return fee" modem lodges a case with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman as there is no one within the TPG customer service team that will actually help you.