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When will TPG implement IPv6?

Level 1

Does TPG have a timeframe on when IPv6 will be used? I have been a loyal TPG customer however if there is no IPv6 available I will look at other alternatives. 

I am paying the same amount per month as other providers that have IPv6 in there plans. 


Hi @MattieG,


We don't currently offer IPv6 at the moment, and I have not been advised of a time frame when we plan to role IPv6 out.





Level 1a

Not to rehash the depressing fact to much, but to be frank I find it quite hilarious that TPG still doesn't support a standard more then two decades old. For a brand or business so 'dedicated' to the future of Australia's internet infrastructure I don't see much movement toward helping remove NAT and lower the congestion on the IPv4 network. Oh, and to make it all even more amusing their site & signup severs support IPv6 as I just created an account and posted here all on a IPv6 only connection.