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Why does TPG shape to 32Kb when that effctively disconnects the customer

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A friend and fellow TPG customer is on the $29.95 plan with 10GB data allocation. Her son managed to exceed the 10GB and she received notification that her connection would be shaped to 32Kb.

You could still do something with 32Kb 15 years ago in the ADSL days, but 32 Kb won't even support a simple browser session, much less email. 

Shaping to 32 Kb effectively stops the customer being able to do ANYTHING useful.  They are being disconnected from functional internet activity by TPG.

Other ISPs shape to 256Kb (eg Aussie Broadband) in recognition of the fact that traffic overheads for browser-based email need more throughput than 32Kb. 256Kb means you still have browser and email functionality and not much else.

Maybe it's time the people who decide on the TPG shaping speed come up with something more realistic now that its 2022.