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Wifi after thunderstorm

Level 2
Just this afternoon we experienced a power outage from a thunderstorm leaving our power out for about 2 hours. Everything then returned apart from the wifi. The network name will still show up in my settings but once i connect there is no actual internet. The modem has been reset and i’ve googled a lot of ways to try and fix it but it’s been flashing a red “link” for hours now. My address also says there is no power outage it’s experiencing when i check the through the website. I tried contacting support but was left on hold for an hour without even expressing my issue, please help!
Level 7

Equipment at your end is not only subject to power interruption, when it usually comes good after a reset, but may have also been affected by the EMP from a lightning strike or a surge propagated on the power lines. Neither wil be the fault of the RSP.


Hi @mya_e1 


We'd like to test the line and see on how can we help.


Please send us a private message with your account details.