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Wifi not showing on laptop

Level 2
Hi, I’ve just received my modem yesterday and nbn has been installed. Everything is hooked up and I have connected my phone to the wifi and my roommate has connected his as well. However, my laptop isn’t even having the wifi name show up on the list and I cannot connect. This is the same for my Nintendo switch. Can you please help? It’s much more important that the internet work on my laptop than on my phone as I’m a full time student
Level 15

Hi @georgiarae36 . Suggestion from another user for VX420-G2V.

Log in to the router. Select Wireless Settings (Advanced).

Switch off Band Steering and you will be able to select and rename each band. Keeping it On makes devices automatically switch to the best available signal.

You might have to keep band steering off if you have a mix of 2.4G and 5G devices.