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Windows 10 Mail App not working with TPG mail

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I'm having trouble with adding my TPG mail account to the Windows 10 Mail App


Yes, I have removed and re-added the account, have also RESET the app and Uninstalled and Re-installed it, still to no avail.  I have also changed the privacy settings and anything else that was suggested when doing a google search on the problem


It keeps telling me that it can't acces the account and the Password is either too long, or not even present but when I re-enter the Password it doesn't seem to save it


The irony is, it will SEND mail however not receive as I thought I would try to send an e-mail to another account and to my surprise it did send


Pretty pointless to use an App that suggests it can collaborate all your e-mail accounts if you ask me...


Anyone got any suggestions ?



Hi @Saffy ,


Welcome to the community!


We have encountered the same windows 10 mail issue before. You may visit this link for reference: Windows 10 Mail says "can't get mail"


Let us know how it will go.



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Hi Shane, thanks for your reply and yes I did see that link but as it was closed and only a few had success I wonder if it was still continuing with others ?


I tried all of the mentioned troubleshoots to no avail, even did some other things I probably shouldn't have but then went back and changed everything back to how it was, but why will it accept 2 Gmail accounts but not the TPG mailbox ?  And, strange that it will send through this address but not receive... very strange indeed


I messaged Microsoft and they can't seem to find anything wrong or anything I can do seeing though the 2 other accounts were added with success... GREAT SUPPORT THEY HAVE !!


Hi @Saffy,


Are you able to post a screenshot of the error message that you received? Also, the settings of your mail for us to analyze it further.




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Hi Basil, thanks for your reply


Here are the screen shots, and yes I've disabled third party anti-virus and tried all sorts of other troubleshooting as per google searches as I've seen a lot of other people also having the same issue


Just strange that I can send but not receive 20191003_164342.jpgerror message

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20191004_111218.jpgincoming and outgoing server

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and ever time I try to fix issues I notice the password defaults back to 16 characters, where my password is only 7 characters long, so this doesn't appear to be saving


Another thing probably worth mentioning, I also have a really old version of Outlook (hence the change) on the same pc and this has no trouble with all 3 accounts - Mail App allows me to use the 2 other gmail accounts, just not the TPG account (although still strange that it can send but not receive on this account)


Thank you, @Saffy.


The account type is set to POP3, right?


The issue with the password is quite unusual, as it is not saved on your outlook client. Since you are using an old version of outlook, you might need to try upgrading it.


Also, you may try another email client (Thunderbird, Mailbird, etc.)? Just for comparison as we are not able to detect any fault within the email servers.




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Thanks again for your reply Basil, much appreciated


I was using IMAP as that's what the TPG site suggested, but I also tried with POP but both no good


Very odd indeed


I will persist and if I find a solution I will be sure to let you guys know, otherwise I'll ditch it and try something else


Many thanks


We'll surely appreciate the information that you'll share with our community to resolve this issue.


Have a great weekend, @Saffy. Cheers!