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Your internet service is offline

Level 2
My connection test in the TPG app is saying 'your internet service is offline'
Bill was paid on the 26/4 it is 13/5 so that can't be an issue.
Modem has adsl light on but internet light is off.
No connection on computer plugged in through Ethernet or on phone using Wi-Fi. Have double checked phone line connection.
All I have with TPG is PROBLEMS!!! The internet is always slow or won't even stream Netflix at all and now there's not even a connection!!!
I've been on hold trying to get through to technical support for ages, I have lodged a fault through the app to no reply and I have tried the online chat on the website which won't even connect because 'you're serving other customers'.
Why is it so hard to contact you and get this problem fixed??
I'm not happy and want this issue fixed!

Hello eliser,
Thank you for being a part of the TPG Community.
For verification purposes can you please send me a private message (PM) by clicking on my name
and provide the following information:
 Username
 Full Name
 Full Address
 D.O.B.
I will reply ASAP on receipt of the above.
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Level 2
I have the same problem please help.

Hi @sheryl1980


I'd like to look into your account for better understanding of the situation.

Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.