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Youtube buffering slow

Level 2



I've observed that this issue has been happening for many many months months now.

Whenever I'm clicking on various youtube videos, the video would buffer approximately 5 seconds of video then stop loading the remaining video.


After about 10-seconds of failing to load anything, youtube would automatically change quality to 144p (lowest quality) and would continue playing.


If I use any VPN, this buffering issue doesn't appear anymore, and I can seamlessly stream 2160p (4K HD).


Level 12

Hi @Vista . Are you using a computer or phone/tablet for youtube?

If computer, is it ethernet or wifi?


In any case, do a TPG speed test without using VPN.

Then, connect to your VPN and do speed test again.

Post the results back here.

Is the VPN server in Australia or overseas?

Level 2

Using PC, Ethernet cable to Archer VR1600v

VPN server is overseas, USA, Seattle


6:30pm Speed test No VPN:


6:30pm Speed test With VPN:

Level 12

@Vista . Want to see if there are network delays between you and youtube when not using vpn. In a command window, do

ping to get its ip address. Use address in following command.

ping -n 1000   youtube ip address

Reduce the window size so you can see it while watching youtube video. See what happens to response time when the video buffers.

Level 2

Some days it would happen, some days it wouldn't.

Uploaded results with VPN turned off.


Buffering seems to be more frequent around 10-12midnight, but not on all videos