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email from and to pop 3 website email account

Level 2

Hi. I am having trouble sending to and sending from tpg email accounts with an email account attached to a website - pop 3 I think. 


I can send and receive from the same website email account for a gmail email account.


But when sending to or from tpg accounts it isn't working. The email from tpg to the website account produces the attached error document.


The website had an expired SSL certificate which was recently (July 17) corrected.



@normnewton  Welcome to TPG Community!


Please correct me if I am wrong but based on my understanding:


  • You have non TPG email address.
  • Your non TPG email address SSL certificate expired last July 17, but this has since been corrected.
  • You are not able to send/receive email from a specific TPG Email address.
  • You are able to send/receive emails from Gmail.


Please advise if I am correct with the above?


Kind regards,

Joseph D

Level 2

Tks Joseph,


Yes, with the exception that the SSL certificate lapse was some time before 17.7 and was fixed on 17.7. I can send to the TPG accounts from the non TPG email now.  I cannot send from the TPG email to the non-TPG email account. TPG sends it back and it throws the attached error message.