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geolocation resolves to wrong location

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Hi, I live in Melbourne and am becoming very frustrated with my internet services assuming my location is Adelaide. All geolocation services appear to resolve my IP address to an Adelaide location. While this is not a significant issue, all 'tailored' advertisements are Adelaide based and all loction identities are Adelaide based - meaning even google maps comes up in Adelaide, not Melbourne. I understand this to be an issue with the allocation of IP address being an Adelaide located address. What can I do to resolve this issue?


Hi @gayleandjim,


Thanks for raising this to us. We'd like to take a look what causing this different location to your service. To better understand the situation, PM us your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file).


In case you need a reference:


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Hi @gayleandjim 


I'm stepping in since @Shane is currently not available.


This is an issue with the IP database used by the website you are testing on.

If you would like to fix it, you may contact the website and advise them of your location and IP so they can update their database.

These companies make guesses on geolocation based on publicly available IP information from APNIC and other registries.



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thanks BasilDV, but I'm not doing any testing. Its a factor of my use of the internet and the various services delivered by different operators (for example advertisers, or google when using google maps). To that end, I do not understand which website I should contact to resolve the issue.


As TPG implemented my service and consequently allocated my IP address, then I'm of the belief that TPG should be in position to resolve the issue.


thanks again for your response.

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I would like to jump in here and say I have the exact same issue, I am in Melbourne and continually get ads via podcasts and yotube that I am in Adelaide, I have issues where it defaults Store locations to Adelaide and sometimes even positioning on google maps.

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Same for me (I'm in Syd and everything believes I'm in Adelaide). It's really annoying as i can't watch live TV at the correct time because it thinks I'm 30 minutes later in Adelaide

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This happened to me once with TPG NBN and rebooting the modem/router did the trick.

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I am getting a issues with our TPG NBN service in Brisbane that the IP address constantly shows Melbourne sometimes Perth sometimes Brisbane. The problem is that all the ads when streaming are based on location. All the time zones on devices which are connected are set to auto and will therefore be wrong when daylight savings kicks in. Our other TPG service on the Gold Coast doesn't have this problem. Why only the Brisbane service?

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hey Tony,


thanks for your reply but rebooting the modem does not resolve this issue.



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Having the same issue here.


Geolocation is wrong and needs to be fixed up.

It's a pain in the rear having to manually change it ourselves.

It happens whenever we reboot our modems.


I'm from victoria but the geolocation says i'm from South Australia.

PLease get this right because it's one of the reasons why people move.