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hello i need a dynamic ip

Level 2

Hello, im getting threaded that someone is trying to dos me, and turn my internet off, he says he know my ip, and i was talking to a close mate, that could help, he said i need a dynamic ip witch should solve my problem plz let me know asap, so i can cant get ddossed

Level 15

Hi @athan . Your residential plan already has a dynamic WAN ip address. If you reboot your router or there is a network fault, when your router recoonects, it gets a different ip address. You can login to your router admin to check this. 

Do you make use of Dynamic DNS? If you host a server for some reason, your wan address can become known via your hostname.

Possibility of virus on your computer that identifies you on malicious website, which records your wan address.


Hi @athan 


@david64 is right.


Aside from rebooting the modem/router or giving it a quick rest, run a full scan on your devices to make sure that they are clear from viruses.