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Years ago I had to cancel my TPG account, but I paid to keep my email address, I have now rejoined TPG, is there a way to add my old email address to my new account?



@johnr1960  there is no way we can merge your current e-mail only account to your broadband e-mail account.


What we can do is alias repointing wherein we will route all e-mails coming into a certain e-mail address to another e-mail inbox.


You can PM your e-mail only account and broadband account to us and we'll help you out.



Joseph D


@johnr1960  Got your PM.


1. You would need to create a slave e-mail account under your NBN internet account.


Please see instructions here:


2. Cancel the current e-mail only account.


Note: Once the account is cancelled you are no longer able to access that inbox, so please make sure you download all important e-mails to your computer.


On your particular case, your e-mail only account is still paid until next year. I suggest you finish it.


3. Once e-mail only account is cancelled, PM us to route all messages coming to that cancelled account to the slave e-mail account.


Kind regards,
Joseph D