nbn 50 slow speed

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I am on nbn50 plan bundle Although modem stats state there is 35000kps dl connection speed I find that I am practically limited to around 1MBps/8kps maximum download speed.  This is like the NBN12 plan speeds.  Can this be checked by TPG?   IT has been this slow for a long time now, and has been, actually since we upgraded to this plan.  Previously connection was much faster.  Phone service is not needed or used, if this is a factor at all in internet speed reduction it can be discarded.  



Additionally I am concerned after a recent security breach resulting in encryption and ransom of valuable data that the Archer modem may not be optimal as set up for best security.  It appears to be utilising TLS1.0, at least on pc to modem connection and may not be the lates firmware.  Current stats posted below.  


Is this setup the current / most secure modem available ? 




Firmware Version:0.1.0 0.9.1 v5006.0 Build 200810 Rel.53181n Hardware Version:Archer VR1600v v2 00000000


Hi @bwelsh1980


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and can confirm that the modem is getting a connection speed of 34Mbps Downstream.

Where did you get the result of 1MB/s? Did you see it when you tried to DL a file? If it is, then this speed is pertains to the transfer rate from the seeding server to your device.


Have you tried to check if what speed are you getting when you run a speed test? Are you experiencing any buffers when you stream or watch a video on YouTube?


Did you experiencing any issues with your Modem/router in regards to the security? It shows that the firmware is the latest one.



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Hi BasilDV,


Yrd the 1MB/8Mb /s speed is the actual download rate achievable as observed from multiple independant data sources over approx two years now (P2P, www, ftp, etc.)

Speed test results are higher that this (around the 30/10 Mbps mark)


That said over the last week or so I am glad to report that actual speeds of around 30Mb/s are observed for the first time in ages! Can you please tell me if anything has changed on our account? 


I cannot view the system log or traffic monitor section in Archer as these pages are (disabled?) do not load any data. 


My concerns with the modem security is largely because of the it's use of TLS1.0 communications which is a broken encryption standard.  Surely this can be improved.  As per OP I recently lost very valuable data to a ransom attack after the attacker encrypted large amounts of data that have great commercial and personal value to me.