number porting

Level 2


I had NBN setup over a week ago, working  well, happy with it.

But still waiting for TPG to contact/send a request to Port my phone number from my previous supplier. ( i have contacted them, they have not recieved a request)

I dont want to continue paying 2 suppliers when I shouldnt be. ...Can i just cancel that account and disconnect the landline with out waiting for the number to be ported by TPG.( I dont neccessarily need that number to be ported)  Will my NBN still work properly if i disconnect my Telstra landline.? Sorry not tech savvy

TPG....if you read this ...can you please just send the port request to Telstra so i can disconnect that service.

Level 11

NBN plans come with a VOIP phone service thrown in. The $0 plan you pay for your calls as you go. There are other plans you can buy which have different combinations of included calls. You might decide to just use your mobile phone.

If you are not attached to your phone number, you can get TPG to give you a new number as part of NBN. Then cancel your phone service with Telstra.

If you want your old number, you have to keep your phone service until Telstra ports it to TPG. They are delayed for a few more days before they recommence porting activities. You then should check that your service with Telstra has been cancelled.

Your NBN connection still uses the copper phone line but it goes to NBN equipment.