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what do you have to do to cancel this tpg nbn?

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3 months now and no resolution...

I have been trying to cancel my NBN service with TPG for several months now and all cancellation requests submitted online via and within my online TPG account have fallen on deaf hears. I have cancelled previous credit card payment method and now looking to bank to charge back the funds you have taken for service i did not want or need.
I have 3 email receipts from each time i have tried to cancel this service and no action has been taken, so i know the requests were received, just never actioned at any time. I have attempted to contact TPG many times, and even via phone where i was assured my enquiry was being handled. Nothing to date has been actioned and TPG still attempts to take money for a service i no longer need or want.

Hi @wizardpatch


We'd like to check on the status of your cancellation request and see what we can do to expedite it.


Please shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.