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How to Track or Reschedule Your NBN Installation via the My TPG App


Check out our video guide or read the steps below.


Whether you have ordered a new service from TPG or you are an existing customer changing to NBN, you can use the My TPG app to track your installation. This article will also show you how to reschedule your NBN appointment.


1. If you haven't already, download the My TPG app from the App Store for iOS, or Google Play Store for Android.


2. Open the My TPG app and log in using your TPG Username or Customer ID, followed by your password. These details will have been in an order confirmation email from TPG.


TPG App 1.png


3. Tap Track your Installation. Here you will see the latest updates regarding your TPG NBN installation.


4. We will always give you the earliest possible appointment for your installation. If you want to reschedule your appointment, Tap Reschedule Appointment, enter the postcode for your installation, and Tap Submit.


New Track Reed.png


5. Here you will see a list of available appointment times. Tap on your preferred appointment time, and then tap reschedule appointment.


image 7 updated.png


A confirmation will be displayed immediately on screen. We will also send you an email and SMS to confirm.

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