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5G Broadband Virtual Phone Diverted to Mobile Charges

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We have just changed from NBN to TPG 5G Broadband plan with Virtual Landline Phone
Number. Currently have our old NBN landline number diverting to a non TPG mobile as a virtual phone under the 5G Wireless Broadband Plan. 

Is there any charge for virtual phones diverted to Non TPG mobiles as opposed to TPG Mobiles? We have been charged a 'restoration' amount since we used 50% of the home phone pre-payment as per the excerpt from the TPG e-mail below. Is this because our old NBN plan hasn't been closed yet or are we going to get charged every time someone calls on the virtual phone number and it diverts to our mobile?


You have used 50% of your Home Phone Prepayment Outside Included
Value. When it reaches $10.00 We will automatically debit your
credit card/bank account to restore it to $20.00.
This can happen multiple times if your usage is high.


Hi @cjquinlan69 


The calls that's being diverted from your 5G Virtual phone don't have any fees.


The Email you received is for the NBN Phone service, which require a prepayment balance for you to be able to call out using the VoIP.


We may check it further for you. Kindly send us a private message with your TPG username or customer ID number.