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Audio Packet Loss from Router to Phone Set

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There's audio packet loss between my TPG N300 Gigabit Router (NF12) and the Siemens Openstage 40 HFA phone system that I'm trying to set up. When an incoming phone call comes into the phone system, it rings, but when I pick up there is no audio coming through (the line goes completely blank/mute), however, the person on the other end of the call can hear my audio very clearly on their side.


I'm setting this phone system up for the first time, and the phone provider system engineer has tried so many different things to try and get the audio packet through, but it's just not coming through (he could see it via WireShark).


I was wondering whether anyone has come across a similar issue and whether/how this can be resolved?


I apologise if I've missed any posting rules - this is my first post on the forum.


Thank you!

Level 2

I should add that I have done a hard reset of the router and dis/reconnected all the hardware and relevant software from scratch as well.




HI @Kas0,


Welcome to the Community!


We may need to perform further checks as to what is causing the issue. 

  • Have you tried setting up a regular handset? If so, did it have the same problem?
  • Does it also happen with outgoing calls? 

The reason why we need to perform these isolation tests is to determine what is causing the connection issue as the result of the line test showed no evident line fault and the homephone line is also provisioned correctly. 


Let me know how it goes.