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Bizphone Configuration & Support Fail

Level 2

We had bizphone provisioned and our 4 numbers ported end of July 2020. The system was functioning perfectly with line hunt on the 4 numbers and the ability to divert our main line using *72 comand from a handset if the office was unattended.


9 October we lost all bizphone functionality other than the 4 numbers. We could only take one incoming call at a time as the main number would give a busy signal - no more line hunt. It took until 16 October to get line hunt working again after being told it was never provisioneed on our service.


19 October we had lost the abilty to forward all calls from our main published number - Raised a fault ticket 27 October when i returned from leave - it's now been 3 days of meaningless jargon in emails and phone calls having circular conversations with 'level 2' support engineers who simply don't seem to understand the problem and still there's no sign of a solution. 


My BDM hasn't returned emails or phone messages for 3 days.


Who can I contact, in Australia to help me get my phones working as they were prior to 9 October dramas??   





Hi @Groundie 


We have likewise replied to your post here:


We'll be waiting for your TPG accoutn details via private message.