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Busy or engaged signal on NBN home phone line

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I recently have had TPG/NBN turned on and it is working.

However the home/voice service is NOT working successfully.


Issue: When I am on the home phone and another caller calls, instead of the second caller receiving a busy or engaged signal theyhear this message: "This number is not available from this service. Please contact your service provider for more information."

This message is not correct, as my number IS available to the caller if I am not on the phone.


The phone I have is a top of the line Panasonic with an inbuilt answering machine. The answering service is activated and working - when I am unable to pick up the phone the answering machine works perfectly.


Can you please let me know how to get the busy or engaged signal on my home line, or what other options are available. Call waiting is not an option I want.


Thank you


Hi @Leeesa


We recommend customers to perform basic troubleshooting indicated here for any phone issues.


In your case, there's an ongoing issues with your NBN service which is still under investigation by our Engineers. Further updates will be given by your assigned Engineer as soon as it becomes available.