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Can't receive calls on our home phone from our Optus mobile

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Hi there


We have an internet and home phone service with TPG via the NBN.  We have been experiencing a problem where we cannot ring our home phone using our mobile phone which is with Optus.  When we try and ring it we just get an engaged signal and it doesn’t ring.  Other people can successfully ring our home phone from their home phones and mobiles and our son who also has an Optus mobile can ring our home phone.  We can ring many other numbers with our mobile phone without any problems and have not experienced the problem with any other numbers.


As an experiment, our son took the sim card from our Optus mobile phone and put it in his mobile phone and he found that he couldn’t ring our home phone.  When he put his own sim card back in his phone a few minutes later, he was immediately able to ring our home phone.  We have tried plugging the home phone directly into the modem and this didn’t make any difference.


We’ve noticed that others in the TPG community have experience similar issues with receiving calls from Optus to an TPG phone and were wondering if there is a solution or whether TPG can look into our issue.




Hi @BarryMay,


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We strongly recommend that you contact your mobile service provider regarding the issue on your outgoing call/s. We can confirm from our end that our telephone service does not have incoming call restrictions. Let us know if you need further help.