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Dialling extra digits over Voip

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I've been having an issue when needing to respond with further digits over an established nbn/voip phone connection. With further testing, i.e. test calls set up between phone and mobile, revealed that DTMF tones are distorted and sound like a chicken's ‘peep’ at the far end, therefore being unintelligible?

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Your phone is probably faulty.

Try another one.

If its old it probably dosn't generate a tone of sufficient volume.

Try running your fingers over the whole of the keypad to see if any of the buttons are lower then the others.

Sticky keys can cause problems.

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Thank you for your reply/advice

This issue has now been escalated to TPG Support with a current Ticket Active –

History to date -

Following completion of my chat session with TPG Support on March 31 (2 days) and the escalation of this issue, all is continuing to be misunderstood within TPG Support, up to and including a TPG Technician attempting to visit April 2. My conversation with him prior to his attendance to a “NDT issue?” confirmed he would not be able to do any more than what I had already done.

My NBN/VOIP service has worked fine in all respects before this issue arose but now I am limited to I/C and O/G calls only.

Here is the issue ‘in a nutshell’ –

Since early March I cannot respond with further digits from the Keypad over an established NBN/VOIP phone connection, examples –

1. Call Back from Qantas, answered OK but unable to connect – Keypad Option 1 (accept)

2. Call from our Resort Security Gate, unable to open gate for visitor access – Keypad Press 1

Further testing on March 29, i.e. test calls set up between home phone and my mobile, confirmed that DTMF tones are distorted and sound like a chickens ‘peep’ at the far end, therefore cannot be interpreted?


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I have same problem i cant work whilst this problem

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@Nutta111 wrote:

I have same problem i cant work whilst this problem

Thank you for confirming that I am not alone with this issue.
Since April 1 when TPG Support created a ticket for this case, their first attempt to help began on April 9 to which I replied had no effect. On April 10 another attempt left me with a home phone over Easter. On April 13 until today, April 16, more attempts have been unsuccessful and I am hopeful about making voice contact tomorrow.
When a fix is finally found I will get back in touch with you to advise of the fix!

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Tuesday, 28 April 2020, 6:08 pm



Please be advised that your DTMF issue has been resolved by doing route change on your line.

If you wish to share this to the TPG Community, please let the people know that if they are experiencing the same issue they need to report it to TPG with the following information:

A Number: Number of the security gate
B Number: Your TPG home phone number
Time and Date of failed calls: Make sure it is made within 48 hours
Symptoms: Exact detail of failed call. For example on your case, "We press 24# at the gate and it will dial our home phone number. Once call is answered at home we will now  press 1 to open the gate but nothing happens we can only hear peep and squeak sound on his end at the gate."

Based from the history of other DTMF issues we received, it appears there is no standard workaround that is being implemented as our Voice Engineers are implementing routing via dialogic transcoders that may need individual re-routes.


Iza | ADSL Faults | UserID: 13214
T 13 14 23 | F 02 9850 0813


My Reply to ADSL Faults


Thank you for the ‘fix’ you have applied to my Security Gate access and getting back with detail that I can add to my case with TPG Community. In my working career of 38 years as a Telecommunication Technical Officer with PMG, Telecom and Telstra, I could not possibly see this as a ‘fix’ and at best it would be viewed as a ‘patch’.


I am sure you are aware that digits sent from phones are Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) and are two tones combined, unique for each digit, but all tones remain within the voice frequency band. How your VOIP technology is designed to reject or distort these signals, as in my case, is really beyond me. 


I don’t see this ‘fix’ as applying to any other situation like I had with a Call Back from Qantas on March 20 (being the initial trigger for this issue) when I was unable to respond to that call when selecting Option 1. I had already waited 3 hours for that Call Back, needless to say, the next Call Back was setup on my mobile!


My VOIP service worked fine for 8 months since installation up until March 20. Now the only time I can send digits successfully from my home phone after the call is established appears to be, like Qantas, or other services operating with menu options for you to choose a specific area/department?

Calls to or from other services over this VOIP network, PSTN or Mobile, will not receive clear DTMF signals on an established call from my home phone, however receive them OK from the far end?


I request that this Ticket #10385869 remain open and be escalated to the highest level within TPG Support so it might be investigated more thoroughly to finality.


Please reply on receipt of this email.


Thank you.




For those of you reading this post with a greater knowledge of TPG's VOIP Technology are invited to please reply back and/or pass on to TPG Support a solution that really addresses this issue. Thank you. jbeagle

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Still learning about this platform and realised you probably weren't informed.

Please see my update form April 29.

You may get some progress for your situation following the 'patch' they did for me.


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This sounds like the same problem I'm having. Everything about my landline works fine except when my wife receives an automated incoming call from her work where she logs in to take calls and she is prompted to select an option using a dial tone. It doesn't work.

Customer Service have no idea and refuse to be helpful. I'm about to cancel the contract and move to Telstra (apparently others at my wifes work have no issues with them)

Has anyone had any success?

Hi @joba3169


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Please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.


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