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FTTB - Unable to connect to internet

Level 2

I'm unable to connect to the internet (FTTB).


On the modem, the "Internet" light is red solid. I've spoken to accounts, no issue with the account. All paid up (as is the case every month). Accounts transferred me to technical support - and that's where the story ends. Unable to get any assistance.


I've tried powercycling, resetting my password, updating this in the modem. The settings have worked for over 2yrs without issue.

Level 2

It might be a configuration problem

Check your account user name and account user name password in the modem configuration.

Don't confuse these with your wifi password(s)

On some modems red leds can indicate faulty modems.

You might have to lodge an online fault report at

make sure your mobile phone number is correct.

Keep your phone with you, and turned on, so that they can contacy you.