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Has NBN stopped providing VoIP phone service

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Has NBN stopped providing VoIP phone service already?

I lost VoIP service on NBN for few weeks, the number from TPG is not used any more, and I lost a lot for short of this service.


I have used the original modem when the NBN was installed. And phone service worked perfectly until two weeks ago.


I understand you have worked from home due to the VIRUS. But look at the community, so many complaints about VOIP issue. Would you please fix those similar issue? so we know the ETA of phone line.


I also sent email from MY TPG EMAIL and so far, I have not got any feedback.

Please reply ASAP.




Level 2

Make sure your phone is connected to the right socket on the back of the modem.

Its useually phone port 1.


Try another phone cord, if you have one.

Try another phone if you have one.

Is the light marked "phone" lit up on the modem?

If its of, the modem may be faulty.

Try turning the modem on and of. It might take a few minutes to power up.


If TPG provided you with a modem, it will be replaced free of charge if its faulty.


If you dont have spare cords etc to try, or if the phone light is out you will probably need to contact TPG to get a tech to come and check things out for you.